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The Reach Institute

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The Reach Institute

The REACH Institute is dedicated to transforming children’s health services by empowering their care providers – parents, doctors, teachers, counselors, and therapists – to know and use the most effective methods for identifying and assisting children with mental health conditions.

Led by national leaders in child psychiatry, psychology, and pediatrics, REACH arms individuals and institutions with the best, evidence-based therapies to improve the mental health of children and adolescents. We train pediatricians, family practitioners, child psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, nurse practitioners, school personnel and parents and their advocates in the most effective therapies, from psychotherapy to pharmacology.

REACH’s four-step process:

REACH uses a four-step process to reduce the time that it takes for state-of-art science to reach local communities:

  • Identify and validate the highest-quality scientific findings
  • Adapt new interventions to make them family- and child-friendly
  • Quickly disseminate and implement these proven interventions
  • Empower local communities to sustain change process through ongoing access to REACH’s latest programs, training materials and technical assistance

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