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OPTIONS Transitions to Independence

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OPTIONS Transitions to Independence

OPTIONS Transitions to Independence is a comprehensive boarding program for post-secondary students with complex learning disabilities, attention disorders, language based disorders and/or executive functioning deficits. OPTIONS offers instruction and assistance for students who need to further develop independent living, social, employment and academic skills. As students transition through phases of OPTIONS, they develop skills and acquire the crucial tools necessary for independent life.

Initially part of the Brehm Preparatory School campus, OPTIONS Transitions to Independence has evolved and expanded services, empowering students for over 25 years. OPTIONS provide students with comprehensive support within a collegiate atmosphere that advances accomplishments and cultivates lifelong learning.

OPTIONS life development program emphasizes independent living, life skills, self-advocacy skills, well-rounded interpersonal skills, community linkages, employ-ability, and career development strategies. With the help of OPTIONS instructors, Independent Living Counselors, and specialized academic coaches, our students are successfully guided through speech and language courses, core academic skills, college preparation and participation, social skills, employment readiness classes, and community-based internships.

OPTIONS offers two different tracks: a College Transition track with our partner – John A. Logan College, and a Certificate of Completion track, which includes a variety of vocational concentrations. Both offer intensive assistance, structured supervision, and supported study hours. Our mission is to empower students with complex learning disabilities and differences to recognize and optimize their potential throughout their lifetime. We advance independence by optimizing our students’ full potential so that they may lead happy, independent, productive lives.

In addition to the two tracks offered by OPTIONS, other areas of focus include:

  • Accountability for actions
  • Emotional coping skills
  • Follow-through and preparedness
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Meal planning, shopping, and preparation
  • Money management, fiscal responsibility and budgeting
  • Organization
  • Organization of personal space
  • Personal hygiene
  • Safe behavior
  • Self-advocacy
  • Self-management
  • Social strategies
  • Time management

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