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Conservatory Prep Schools for grades 6-12

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Conservatory Prep Schools for grades 6-12

A college-prep school in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for grades 6-12, integrating the arts with problem-based learning to meet the needs of twice-exceptional (2E), gifted learners who are not reaching their potential in a traditional school setting.

Our mission:

To build a college bound learning community of twice gifted (2e) learners with a passion for creativity and experiential learning. Our aim is to guide students on their own journey of discovery to find their inner voice through artistic expression. By using the stage as our classroom, we encourage students and teachers to think creatively and explore diverse interests, with the goal of achieving high academic and artistic standards. Our students are unique individuals who tend to view the world through abstract connections and respond with insight and imagination. We embrace the diversity of our student population and welcome families from a variety of ethnic, religious, cultural and economic backgrounds. We strive to promote citizenship by teaching our students to respect and learn from each others’ differences, and to celebrate each others’ accomplishments. Conservatory Prep will seek out, acknowledge and build upon each student’s natural curiosity and learning style preferences. Our methodology is to construct knowledge through exploration, experiment and discovery and to establish strong connections between the arts and academics.

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