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CelebrateCalm with Kirk Martin

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CelebrateCalm with Kirk Martin

Celebrate Calm is a world-renowned educational organization that provides science-based training for educators, parents and children. For over a decade, Behavioral Consultant and Founder Kirk Martin personally taught over 1,500 intense children emotional self-regulation, social skills and academic tools through innovative Camps in the nation’s capital. He is highly regarded for his partnerships with educators, forged during time spent in over 600 classrooms.

Today, Martin is the most in-demand educational trainer in North America. He has equipped over 400,000 parents, teachers, and students with practical, concrete strategies through 1,200 workshops.

The organization’s Brain Boosters™ curriculum improves focus, behavior and grades in over 60,000 schools across North America, including school districts such as Fairfax County, VA and Montgomery County, MD.

With clients in all fifty states and eighteen countries including Great Britain, Germany, Japan, Australia, Israel, Hungary, Spain, Norway and South Africa, Celebrate Calm has earned a reputation for transforming homes and classrooms. What sets Celebrate Calm apart?

  • While the research-based interventions help all children, Celebrate Calm specializes in helping even the most intense, challenging children be successful.
  • The organization has firsthand experience helping children affected by Aspergers, Autism, Sensory Processing, Opposition Defiant Disorder, Anxiety, OCD, ADD, ADHD, Attachment Disorders and other learning or emotional difficulties.
  • Kirk Martin and his son, Casey, are the only father-son team that train teachers, students and parents through separate workshops on the same day. Schools thrive when each stakeholder shares the same goals, strategies and language.
  • Martin provides practical, concrete strategies that can be applied immediately. His presentations are laugh-out loud funny and interactive. Even teachers comment, “I could have listened to him for another hour.”
  • This is not only a professional pursuit. Each Celebrate Calm associate has an intense child or one with special needs. When you partner with Celebrate Calm, you will experience a passionate commitment to families and be treated with uncommon service.

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