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Candace Sahm, MA Ed – PLE Tutoring

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Candace Sahm, MA Ed – PLE Tutoring

We support our students in two-fold mastery of academic content, concepts, life skills and strategies that will help them succeed long-term. We believe in our students and in their power to self-advocate and succeed in whatever goals they set for themselves, now or in the future. Our role is providing the individualized support, guidance and coaching they need along the way.

The Positive Learning Experiences’ staff is dedicated, knowledgeable and extremely motivated. We are highly qualified and we keep up-to-date with education technology and new information on ADHD research and accommodations for all grade levels including college. We continue to educate ourselves by taking continuing education classes in topics such as Executive Functioning, Reading Comprehension, ADHD, GT, and LD.

The PLE learning center is a comfortable environment. On-site, PLE is nurturing both mentally and physically, offering educational advice and instruction as well as proper food, snacks, and drinks. We call this “brain food” – to enhance the educational experience.

PLE was founded in 1990 by Candace Sahm MA Ed/HD, educator and ADHD Coach. Ms. Sahm holds a Master of Arts Degree in Special Vocational Education from George Washington University, and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education and Elementary Education from the University of Maryland.

She has a deep and longstanding interest in the IEP and 504 Plan process and regularly attends IEP and 504 meetings with students and their families to ensure that they receive their learning accommodations. She will also be leading a workshop on that topic during the 2008 International CHADD Conference.

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