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Beyond BookSmart

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Beyond BookSmart

Beyond BookSmart is a well-established Executive Function coaching company (10th year anniversary in 2016) that teaches students the skills they need to become successful, independent learners. We work one to one coaching students either in home (in MA, NY, IL & RI) and online via Skype throughout the US and the rest of the world.

Our goal is to “level the playing field” for students with ADHD and/or Executive Function challenges. Unlike traditional tutoring, we use current academic challenges as a springboard to teach the skills and habits necessary for long-term success in school and beyond.

We provide personalized solutions to help students with organization, planning, prioritizing, time management, homework, reading, writing, test prep, and other academic challenges. We even work with students who might be resistant to change.

Our Executive Function coaches are educators, school psychologists, or speech & language pathologists with master’s degrees or higher with extensive experience supporting students with ADHD and Executive Function challenges. We derive a great deal of satisfaction from transforming students’ lives.

We coach students in-home throughout NY!
We also coach students online via Skype!

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